How did you get started making money online?

I got started making money online back in 2012 when I found out I was going to be a father. I was looking for online ventures to make extra income.

Did you see success quickly?

No, not at all. It took at least one year before I began earning up to $500/mo. which was my goal at that time.

What are your top tips to keep your mindset up?

Set goals, small milestones and large milestones, and go after them. Having a strong reason why. Follow people who are successful and learn from them. 1 important fact is: you must pay to play. If you want to have a good income and are starting out or struggling, you must outsource.

How are you doing now? 

Let’s just say I can pay my mortgage with a few mugs per month. I’m into the t-shirt game pretty heavily right now, though.

What have you done to scale your business?

Outsource. I outsource designs, uploading, and research for new designs. It has helped tremendously. I knock out 150 unique designs per month this way easily. FBA is a must to get the sales volume. Amazon Ads is a must on those FBA mugs.

Can you offer any advice for people struggling with this? 

It’s a numbers game to me, the more items you have up for sale the more your income will grow. Don’t overthink the title and keywords, it will slow you down. Also, outsourcing a designer is a huge help. I don’t know how people do it without a VA, I would go crazy! With FBA, if you’re having trouble picking one, just choose one that has sold 5 times in the last 30-60 days and send it into Amazon. You’ll never know if you do not try.

What had you tried before LHS?

I used to dropship on eBay and Amazon using multiple suppliers. I did this all myself; this is where I saw my first real success reaching $50,000 in sales month after month. But I was suspended on Amazon for poor metrics (out of stock issues), and this is how I came across LHS.

Are there any practical tips you can give around succeeding with LHS?

List, List, List!

Hire a VA to launch campaigns. My VA can launch 150 campaigns per day at $3/hr. Granted, I don’t always have that many that need launched, but when I do, she knocks them out.

Buy Designs, as in buy them in bulk or hire a designer to help get you going. I buy many of my designs for t-shirts, and they go on mugs, shot glasses, etc.

Aside from Amazon, what other selling platforms (if any) do you use and can you offer any practical tips about getting started with / using those platforms?

Etsy is on the rise. I’m gradually adding to my Etsy store. I’ve had 73 orders with 230 active listings. My tips would be to price a little higher, and run a sale for free shipping or something to that effect. Running a sale always has resulted in an increase of sales.

Merch by Amazon: if you can get approved, add MBA to your business.

Share some of the tangible things you’ve been able to do with your earnings.

Remember, I began LHS in May 2017. With my earnings, I got a brand new car. My daughter is in a private preschool. Zoo trips and expensive activities for kids. This year I’m going to surprise the family with a cruise, shhh!

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