How did you get started making money online?

I got started about 10 years ago in affiliate marketing. I was creating simple web pages and blog posts that directed traffic to offers and products for a commission.

Did you see success quickly?

I dabbled with it for years, I found some success with fitness offers and made a few thousand one year just by organic traffic, but it soon became saturated and eventually became very hard to get decent Google rankings.

What are your top tips to keep your mindset up?

It is easy to be discouraged when you work so hard for little return, but if you do a little bit each day, it soon builds up.

How are you doing now? 

We are seeing sales every day, it varies but around 3 – 4 sometimes 5 – 6 sales since Christmas, Christmas seemed to give us a real boost.

What have you done to scale your business?

Scaling was really just adding more designs and when sales started coming in the same designs were placed on different items and on different platforms. Also, if we get a sale in a niche, then it can be a good thing to expand and do different designs for different tastes.

Can you offer any advice for people struggling with this? 

It has been said many times that you will make most of your sales over Christmas, so just keep adding designs even if you don’t see any sales. It really started happening for us at the end of October and kept going throughout Christmas.

What had you tried before LHS?

Before LHS I started publishing coloring books, but I wanted to diversify as it would take around 2 weeks to create a book. Mugs take much less time to test and try ideas and the profit made from one mug sale is approximately double that of a coloring book.

Are there any practical tips you can give around succeeding with LHS?

I would recommend trying out a few different designs once you get a winner. Some people do like flowery designs, others like plain black and white ones. Also try to imagine a potential recipient that you know and design for them, if you’re likely to buy then maybe others will too.

Aside from Amazon, what other selling platforms (if any) do you use and can you offer any practical tips about getting started with / using those platforms?

Etsy is a friendly platform and you can get some good sales there, you can easily charge extra for custom/personalized designs too. A tip is to spread out your listings over a few hours/days rather than in one lump as Etsy seems to respond well to regular attention.

Share some of the tangible things you’ve been able to do with your earnings.

With our earnings we have been able to pay off a lot of credit card debt and we bought a new car (albeit second hand but it was paid in full).

Results are not typical. Ecommerce sellers’ results will vary based on effort and skill, etc.

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