When did you decide to start your ecommerce business using the Low Hanging System?

I was introduced to the LHS program when I heard Rachel being interviewed on a podcast that I listened to. The way she described the process sounded simple, and I wanted to try something new to make money, so I jumped in.

Where are you from?

I live in Alberta, Canada.

What were you doing to earn money just prior to getting started with LHS?

I was, and still am a Law Enforcement Officer, but I am officially retiring this year, as I am going to be doing Print-On-Demand full-time, as well as working as a coach for the new program! 

This entire business model has a much brighter future than any “job” that I’ve ever seen. Every hour I spend working on the business is worth almost 3 hours of regular work.

What made you initially want to sign up for the Low Hanging System?

I actually signed up [through] Tom Woods two years ago and I had already signed up for a different training program, but the training hadn’t started yet and I was so eager to start doing something online that I jumped into this before I had even started the other one.

I signed up for it because I was impatient [to get] started selling online.

Have you tried any other business models before? And if so, how did they go for you?

Well, I’ve actually tried just about everything that you can do to sell online, including buying, selling domain names. I’ve done drop shipping from AliExpress. I’ve tried affiliate marketing using a blog. And all of those other business models, they’re fine or good, this is the only one that I’ve been able to scale into any kind of significant income at all.

After signing up for LHS, did you get started like straight away? Or did you have any hesitations or things you were confused about?

Well, I did start creating designs, but because I am like the squirrel that gets distracted by shiny objects, I started and then I set it aside for a little bit and it was only when I came back to it after about three or four months and started getting back into it again, I started to see success in it. So it’s kind of a, there’s a thing that happens when you actually work on it, you see results, when you just let it sit there, it just sits there.

Do you remember how many designs you had before you made your very first sale?

I believe on Etsy I did not have very many designs listed and the sale just popped up completely unexpectedly. I think I maybe had 18 designs listed.

And I got my second sale on Etsy, but they were probably a month or two between them.

I didn’t start seeing regular sales until I had around 200 or 300 listings and I was regularly adding more of them.

Is Etsy where you see the bulk of your sales to date or has that shifted?

No, I do see pretty good sales from Etsy, but because I’m a busy guy, I don’t have time to sit there and fiddle. Etsy is a little bit more finicky, so Amazon has taken off as my highest seller by a long shot.

Around how many designs do you have up for sale now?

Well on Etsy, I’ve only got about 350 and I’ve actually purged a lot of the ones that didn’t sell and I’ve been doing that on Etsy since I started. Anything that doesn’t sell after six months. I just reached 1000 sales.

Probably another 100 in the queue that I can actually launch, but I have to sit there and massage the title and stuff like that.

Which product do you sell the most of, if you feel comfortable sharing that?

Oh yeah, that’s no problem. It’s the white 11 ounce coffee mug.

How do you feel about your results so far?

Well, I can’t say that my results are terrible. I always look for improvement and I’m delighted. It’s not even what I’ve done so far, it’s what I know I can do if I keep working on it.

And I know that it’s entirely up to me as far as I go, so I’m very happy with this month.

Around how much time do you spend working on Low Hanging System related things each day, each week?       

I spend shockingly little time doing anything. In fact, I haven’t launched a new design for a few months.

I’ve been mostly working on just sending in stock for the things that are already selling and sort of just managing the things that are already ongoing, maybe one and a half hours a week.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently about when you first started with the Low Hanging System?

I don’t think I would do anything differently. I think this has progressed as well as it possibly could have. I needed the two years to really get in my head what needed to be done and personal things that I needed to sort out. And now that I’m where I am now, I can’t see anything I would have done really differently.

What has been the best resource for you to get help when you needed it?

I would have to say the Facebook group is probably the number one resource for the Low Hanging System. It’s really, it’s just like that constant training source.

The Facebook group is absolutely the best part of the Low Hanging System.

To anybody who’s having trouble getting started with the Low Hanging System what advice can you share?

The first thing I’ll say is lower and get rid of your expectations and just start taking action. Don’t expect to make any progress until you’ve got two or three months of actual action behind you, and then once you start getting results, go back and look and see what’s working for you and do more of that.

[editor note: it’s not always the case that it takes months of action to begin making sales; immediate and constant, consistent action can result in sales within just a few days – there have been numerous students that made sales the same day they purchased LHS and listed their first product!]

What would you say to somebody who is having trouble or thinking of giving up?

Well, the reasons that people give up are, I think that’s pretty common people get disillusioned. They say, “Oh, this system doesn’t work.” Or they make excuses that nobody can get ahead unless you spend a bunch of money on this, and what I have to say is that that is not true. If you want to make 10 bucks a day, you can make 10 bucks a day and there’s nothing wrong with just making a couple of sales a week. There are lots of people, a couple bucks a week is something, it’s more than you’d be making if you give up.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience?

When I first started doing the Low Hanging System, I didn’t know anything about selling online. I didn’t even know a month before that you could sell things online and today, not only am I making money, I’m on track to probably reach $200K in sales this year, by this time I should cross that.

I also have a podcast that’s just devoted to print on demand. And I had no expectation that anything like that would ever happen. So I mean this has become much more than I ever thought it would be.

Results are not typical. Ecommerce sellers’ results will vary based on effort and skill, etc.

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