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Hello, I am Son Phan. I am 20 years old and I have been living in New Zealand for 3 years with my little family. I am really glad to welcome you to my website!

Let me share you somethings about myself.

More about my life…

I am a second-year student, I am doing Marketing as a major now. Marketing is my passion, it is my hobby, to be honest. I can spend all of my days reading many articles as much as I can which can improve my knowledge and gain some basic marketing skills.

Besides studying, I work online part-time job as an affiliate marketing who sell products online. I do this job after finishing all of my studies. This is not only my hobby, I also gain some extra money from them which I can use to cover my tuition fee and accommodation.

My job is to help people like you to buy good and legit products which they can gain some benefit from my products. I spend all of my time to do researches and pick up the quality products to review which I can receive trust from customers and build the relationship with many of my customers.

I have been marketing online for 1 year but I already had over 1000 intimate customers who usually seek the products through many of my single websites. What do I mean by “single website”. The single website is the website that only marketing 1 product/time.

So I am here to help you to select a right product. Feel free to ask me question if you are concerned. Thanks for your time!


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